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Linux Tiger flow

Download mipsel-binutils at:

Have done

(done with legup-prelto opt pass, however does not work with clang, since it does not always align properly) Previously, legup only supports int to int memcpy and memset. It should support other types of memcpy, memset and memmove.

(done with LegupLowerIntrinsics.cpp) Should not change LowerIntrinsics.cpp, but modify a copy of it in Transformations/Legup/PreLTO.cpp

(done with llvm-ld after opt pass) Also, we shouldn't need to include memcpy and memset in the code when they aren't called.

Struct with primitives and pointers with: getelementptr, load, store, global initialization, zero initialization.

Struct with 1-depth array with: global and zero initialization

Generic .mif generation

Generic GEP translation into Verilog

Generic typecast from struct (memcpy and memset)

Pointer comparison with NULL, 0


Split RAM, HwModule into their own .h and .cpp files

Get Linux Tiger flow working

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