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 **Linux Tiger flow** **Linux Tiger flow**
-Download mipsel binutils at: http://​​toolchains/​search.php?​package=binutils-mipsel-linux-gnu&​distro=sid+ 
 +Download mipsel-binutils at: http://​​toolchains/​search.php?​package=binutils-mipsel-linux-gnu&​distro=sid
 **Have done** **Have done**
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 Pointer comparison with NULL, 0 Pointer comparison with NULL, 0
-**TODO**+**Currently working on** 
 +Use the same layout for MIPS, Verilog and native machine. This boils down to adding -m32, -malign-double and shrinking pointers to 32 bits.
-Split RAM, HwModule into their own .h and .cpp files+Get Linux Tiger flow workingFor now, get gxemul working.
-Get Linux Tiger flow working+Verify that bytecode variables equal Verilog output (legup-watch pass). Change all undef'​s to 0, get gsm working ​where the printing flows onto two lines, get the pass working with multiple functions.
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