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 +**Candidate projects for 2015 intern**
 +  * Improve timing model estimation to consider operators being covered by LUTs and also the impact of MUXes
 +  * Add support for math.h library
 +  * Change floating point support to use open-source library, such as FloPoCo
 +  * OpenMP / Clang: right now the OpenMP support is through Dragon Egg + GCC.  We would like to get this working using Clang
 +  * Connectivity between a LegUp-generated core and external I/O, such as Ethernet. ​ For example, build infrastructure so that LegUp HW can directly talk to the outside world.
 +  * Changes to allow multiple .c files (vs. just a single .c file today)
 +  * Work on combining of bitwise operators (needs some elaboration)
 +  * FIRST: Intern will do the tutorials and adjust them for LLVM 3.5
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