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Most of the information in this page can be found from the Rocketboards website.

Booting Linux Using Prebuilt SD Card Image

Here is a tutorial provided by Rocketboards.

Besides the SD card images provided by the tutorial, here are two other images that I have played with,

1. An Ubuntu image for DE1-SoC. This Terasic webpage provides four SD card images. The Ubuntu image is named “Linux Ubuntu Desktop”.
CAUTION: I was not able to successfully update the preloader part of the image (Preloader needs to be updated when the Hard-Processor System (HPS) configuration has been changed (in Qsys)).

2. An Angstrom distribution of Linux Image that I created from source, for ArriaV-SoC, link (md5sum: 1155e1cf0505744d61258c1e5302000d).
The steps for creating the image can be found from the “complete manual” below.

Create SD Card Image From Source

Here is the complete manual.

Obtain and Compile Golden Hardware Reference Design

Create/Update Preloader

See this link for creating the preloader based on the hardware configuration.

Here is the command for updating only the preloader part of the SD card image. Be sure to check the disk name and partition number.

sudo dd if=preloader-mkpimage.bin of=/dev/sdx3 bs=64k seek=0
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