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Papers to Read

Found by Mark:

Authors Title Source Link MA AC
G. Stitt, F. Vahid A Decompilation Approach to Partitioning Software for Microprocessor/FPGA Platforms DATE'05 ACM
R. Lysecky, F. Vahid, S. Tan Dynamic FPGA Routing for Just-in-Time FPGA Compilation DAC'04 ACM
C. Lattner, M. Brukman Jello: a retargetable Just-In-Time compiler for LLVM bytecode PDF
S. Lee, D. Raila LLVM-CHiMPS: Compilation Environment for FPGAs Using LLVM Compiler Infrastructure and CHiMPS Computational Model PDF
A. Putnam, D. Bennett CHIMPS: A C-Level Compilation Flow for Hybrid CPU-FPGA Architectures FPGA'08 ACM
K. Vaswani, M. Thaxzuthaveetil, Y. Srikant A Programmable Hardwware Path Profiler CGO'05 ACM

Found by Andrew:

Authors Title Source Link MA AC
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