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AutoESL AutoPilot

  • ANSI C/C++/SystemC/TLM, area-power-speed opto for both ASIC and FPGA (supports both Xilinx & Altera).
  • Customers are Alcatel-Lucent, Qualcomm, Microsoft, National Instruments, Raytheon, JPL/NASA, Lockheed Martin, Xilinx. (booth 1577)
    • based on academic tool xPilot
    • Unsupported constructs:
      • Data types:
        • Complex pointers:
          • Array/struct of pointers.
          • Pointer to pointers.
          • Dynamic function pointers.
        • Recursive type definitions - Type contains members with the same type
      • Operators - Arithmetic and comparisons on general pointers to non-array types
        • Control structures - Recursive functions
        • Standard C library:
          • Dynamic memory allocation - malloc() / free()
          • Standard I/O, file I/O operations - fprintf() / fscanf() …
          • System calls - time(), sleep(), fork(), …

Mentor CatapultC

  • ANSI C/C++/SystemC/TLM, datapath and control opto.
  • Used by ST, Ericsson, Toshiba, Qualcomm, Hitachi, Panasonic, Siemens, TI, Telegent, Pioneer, Fujitsu, Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, Thales, Elektrobit, Sanyo, TATA Elxsi, Fraunhofer IIS. CatapultC is in TSMC Ref Flow 11 and again Gary Smith says CatapultC had #1 market share in 2009.

Forte Cynthesizer

  • SystemC/TLM, area-power-speed opto plus this year
  • they added CellMath Designer datapath synthesis from Arithmatica.
  • They're also in the TSMC Ref Flow 11 and again Brett says Forte had #1 market share in 2009.
  • Used by Toshiba, Sony, Ricoh, Sanyo, OKI, Fujitsu, NXP, Samsung, NTT, Olympus, Global Unichip, ETRI, and Epson. (booth 750)

Cadence C-to-Silicon

  • ANSI C/C++/SystemC/TLM, control and datapath, architecture exploration GUI, ECO support, embedded logic synthesis, Wind River to CtoS to Palladium demo.
  • Users Casio, Renesas, TI, ITRI, Fujitsu, Hitachi. (booth 1334)


  • C with extensions for streaming
  • doesn't support:
    • structs within structs
    • dynamic pointers (all pointers must be resolved at runtime ie. a[20])





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