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November 6:

  • Bryce:
    • Continue to work on Mandelbrot
    • Still reading Linux Device Drivers (LDD)
    • Creating hand-optimized Verilog accelerator
  • Victor:
    • Working on shared memory
  • Ahmed:
    • Check timing for PCIe clock used with accelerators
    • Automate generation of QSYS script / Legup PCIe wrapper
    • Look into how to specify to Legup scheduler an Fmax target

October 22:

  • Can the accelerators tell the dma controller to get system memory
  • Calculate processor only mandelbrot times for an iteration
  • Handcrafted Mandelbrot Verilog core
  • Mandelbrot working by 2 weeks
  • Data point of mandelbrot right now (for final presentation)
  • Time, area, comparison to software

October 15:

  • Get mandelbrot working on normal LegUp (Bryce to do next week)
  • Do gold check against LegUp mandelbrot
  • Figure out memory coherency
  • Figure out how to write directly to the processor, rather than memory
  • Ahmed to see how the accelerators can talk to pcie core, like NIOS does right now
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