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LegUp 4.0 Installation Instructions

This page describes how to install LegUp 4.0 on a fresh Ubuntu system. (If you're using a virtual machine, please note that it should be 64 bits for the scheduling GUI to work.)

  1. Get Git access and checkout the project branch: follow the instructions from here to gain commit access. Use the command git checkout llvm-3.5 to checkout the current branch.
  2. Run sudo apt-get update then install all the packages listed here.
  3. Set up a symlink with sudo ln -s /usr/bin/clang-3.5 /usr/bin/clang.
  4. Install Quartus 15.0 and Modelsim from the Altera Download Centre. Help can be found here, but note that those instructions are targeted towards older versions of Quartus. Remember to add Quartus and Modelsim to your $PATH.


The following is a list of the known errors one can run into during this process, and their solutions.

Error: cannot find -lgcc_s
Solution: go to the folder in which the error occurred, make clean, then make again.

Error: while running make hybrid, “could not read symbols: file in wrong format”
Solution: install Libfreetype6-dev package.

Graphviz Error: “could not find/open font”
Solution: sudo apt-get install libgd-dev, change font from Helvetica to pre-existing font in usr/share/fonts folder (in viewer.cpp file in scheduleviewer directory).

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