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List of things from kernels that did not work.


Note: There was a minor bug with gof.c that made it not work. (Pushed the fixed gof.c to git already)

- stderr causes error when running through LegUp: “RAM not defined for: stderr

- When the line with stderr is commented out, LegUp produces .v file fine, but the following instances are called but undefined.

  • time_var0
  • srand
  • atoi
  • rand

- When above lines are commented out, C program seem to work fine, .v was produced and compiled fine through 'make q', but simulation using 'make v' seems to go on forever.


Two .c files were provided both presumably to calculate hamming distance using different algorithm, but they produce different output for the same inputs.

Functions that could not be handled
  • time_var0
  • srand
  • atoi
  • rand
  • argc, arcv
  • malloc, calloc, realloc, free
  • double, float etc
Simulation not ending

For some kernels, up to 'make q' seems to work, but simulation 'stops' at 'run 7000000000000000ns'

  • Mathematics/Pi
  • DataProcessing/StringCompare
Added/Modified main/code

Main was added for simple .c files without it.

Some code such as array fill method and random numbers was modified slightly so LegUp can handle them.


A few .c files had functions with structure argument that seemed to not work.

Ex. Structure defined with 2 integers: x, y. In main, struct foo[5]=({},{},{},{},{}) When it's passed into function, it's expecting (int x[], int y[])

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