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 +====== Jason Cong's Papers ======
 +  *   J. Cong and W. Jiang, "​Pattern-based Behavior Synthesis for FPGA Resource Reduction",​ Proc. 16th ACM/SIGDA International Symposium on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA 2008), Monterey, CA, February 2008. [[http://​​~cong/​papers/​fpga08-jiang.pdf | pdf]]
 +  *   D. Chen, J. Cong, Y. Fan, G. Han, W. Jiang, and Z. Zhang, "​xPilot:​ A Platform-Based Behavioral Synthesis System"​ SRC TechCon'​05,​ Portland, OR, Nov, 2005. [[http://​​soc/​docs/​fan-TechCon2005.pdf | pdf (ppt)]]
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