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Obtain Achronix Login and Licenses

  1. Go to the Achronix support login site: and as a new customer, request for an account by clicking on the “contact us” link under ‘To obtain a customer login, please contact us’.
  2. Fill out the details on this page, and submit.
  3. Achronix Customer Support will respond with an e-mail with information on enabling self-service on the support page.
  4. With that information, go back to, click on the “Software Licensing and Download Center” link, which will take you to a secure login page:
  5. With the login that was provided as part of step 2, use your credentials and access the Achronix ftp site. When you access it, you’ll get taken to a page where you’ll have the links/options shown below. Select “License Request”.
  6. Fill out the subsequent form, specifying which operating system, MAC address, how long you need the licenses for.
  7. Achronix will process this form. Once approved, Achronix will send out Synplify Pro and ACE licenses via e-mail.
  8. Go back to the ftp page and:
    1. Under /public/Synopsys/ download the Linux and Windows Synplify Pro releases
    2. Under /public/Achronix/ACE/ download the Linux and Windows ACE releases and the Achronix_Linux_License_Server.tgz.

Installing Synplify on Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit)

Unzip the downloaded archive (mine is and extract the installers

cd Synplify_2015.09X
./ -dir ./

Install 'csh' if needed

sudo apt-get install csh

Run the installer and follow the on-screen guide


Now run synplify_pro ($INSTALLATION_PATH/bin/synplify_pro) and it is expected to see complains about unable to get license.

Setup Synplify License

Extract the license server executables (In the previous Synplify_2015.09X directory),

tar xvzpf Synopsys_Linux_License_Server.tar.gz

Edit the license file received from Achronix (mine is synplify.lic) as following,

  1. At the line SERVER hostname1 ur_mac_address 27020, change the hostname1 to your hostname (Type hostname in terminal)
  2. At the line VENDOR snpslmd /path/to/snpslmd, change the path to Synplify_2015.09X/license_server/snpslmd

Set these two variables (maybe in your ~/.bashrc)


Run the license server and you should not see any error message.

Synplify_2015.09X/license_server/lmgrd -c $PATH_TO_THE_LICENSE_FILE_synplify.lic

Now you should be able to run synplify_pro successfully.

Installing Synplify on Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit)

Extract the downloaded ACE archive (mine is ACE_6.0.3_Linux.tgz), the extracted directory (mine is Achronix-linux) contains all the executables and libraries

tar xvzpf ACE_6.0.3_Linux.tgz

Extract the license server

tar xvzpf Achronix_Linux_License_Server.tgz

Export this variable (maybe in your ~/.bashrc)


Run the license server

Achronix_Linux_License_Server/rlm -c $PATH_TO_THE_LICENSE_FILE_ace.lic

Now you should be able to launch the ace execuable


Fix the incompatible browser issue


When launching ace, you may see a warning complaining about incompatible browser. The reason is explain here, The solution is to install xulrunner with a version not later than 3.6 (Solution Reference, XURL= cd /opt sudo sh -c “wget -O- $XURL | tar -xj” sudo ln -s /opt/xulrunner/xulrunner /usr/bin/xulrunner sudo ln -s /opt/xulrunner/xpcshell /usr/bin/xpcshell To uninstall it, simply remove the directory under /opt/xulrunner, and the symbolic links /usr/bin/xulrunner and /usr/bin/xpcshell.

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