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  • INSPECT_DEBUG: setting this parameter as 1, enables the Inspect debug mode
  • INSPECT_DEBUG_ONCHIP_BUG_DETECT_MODE: setting this parameter as 1 (and the INSPECT_DEBUG as 0), set Inspect to only debug the minimum number of signals (cur_state signals)
  • INSPECT_DEBUG_DB_HOST: MySQL server host name. Usually set to “localhost”
  • INSPECT_DEBUG_DB_USER: MYSQL server username (e.g. “root”)
  • INSPECT_DEBUG_DB_PASSWORD: MySQL server password
  • INSPECT_DEBUG_DB_NAME: MySQL database name. Set to “inspect_db” by default
  • INSPECT_SCRIPT_FILE: location of the Inspect database script file which will be used the first time compiling with INSPECT_DEBUG mode. It is located in the main /examples folder of the project.
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