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H/W Metric Database

File Format

  • File format: csv, tcl, xml?
  • csv benefits: potentially faster to parse
  • xml benefits: hierarchical
  • tcl benefits:
    • parsing is a little easier. no file i/o, tcl library handles it
    • easier for a human to modify. ie. to create a loop to set the delay of all multipliers to a value.
    • could be useful for a user targeting a new device with only a rough idea of the timing.
foreach op {adder divider} {
    for {set width 0} {$width < 10} {incr width} {
        set_operator $op $width 10ns
  • We need to read this every time we run
    • how slow will this be?
    • we might want to make the database a binary format

C++ Interface

  • Input:
    • LLVM Opcode
    • bitwidth
  • Output:
    • object representing the functional unit
    • latency: number of cycles for result
      • load from altsync: 1 cycle
      • load from sram: 1-20 cycles
    • delay/fmax
    • area
  • Also need an interface for registers, muxes, rams
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