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 +DUE BEFORE 5:00pm MT, November 19, 2009
 +Research paper submissions MUST (1) be in PDF format only, (2) contain an abstract of
 +approximately 60 words clearly stating the significant contribution,​ impact, and results of the
 +submission, (3) be no more than six pages (including the abstract, figures, tables, and references),​
 +double columned, 9-pt or 10-pt font, and (4) MUST NOT identify the author(s) by their name(s) or
 +affiliation(s) anywhere on the manuscript or abstract, with all references to the author(s)’s own
 +previous work or affiliations in the bibliographic citations being in the third person. Preliminary
 +submissions will be at a disadvantage. Format templates are available on the DAC website.
 +Submissions not adhering to these rules will be rejected. DAC will compare each submission
 +against a vast database and any paper with significant similarity to previously published works
 +or with papers that are simultaneously under review with other conferences and symposia, will
 +be rejected. All research papers will be reviewed as finished papers. Authors of accepted papers
 +must sign a copyright release form for their paper. Acceptance notices will be available by
 +logging in to the DAC website after Feb. 25, 2010. Complete author kits will be available on the
 +DAC website by March 9, 2010. All conference presenters will be required to register at the time of
 +final paper submission.
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