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Buildbot Master

This guide describes how to modify the buildbot server to add new slaves, or different build targets.

Note: if you are just setting up a buildbot on a slave machine the buildbot_slave_how-to.

First ssh into


Now change into the 'buildmaster' user:

sudo su buildmaster

Change into the buildbot directory (in buildmaster's home directory):

cd ~/buildbot

Modify the buildbot master configuration file:

vim master.cfg

After you are finished making changes, reconfigure the buildmaster:

buildbot reconfig .

If you have a syntax error in master.cfg then you will receive an error.

Make sure after any changes that you commit to git:

git diff master.cfg
git add master.cfg
git commit

Occasionally you will have to completely restart the buildmaster (Warning: this will restart all buildslaves)

buildbot restart .
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