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Steps For Adding New FPGA Board Support

1) Device Characterization

  • Use script provided in hwtest
    • perl <Device Family> <Device Name>
    • i.e. “perl CycloneV 5CSEMA5F31C6”
  • Move legup/hwtest/<Device Family>/profile.tcl to legup/hwtest/<Device Family>.tcl

2) Update Configuration Files

  • legup/examples/legup.tcl
    • add board and device_family information
  • legup/examples/Makefile.config
    • add board and device_family information
  • llvm/lib/Target/Verilog/LegupConfig.h
    • add FPGABoard information
  • llvm/lib/Target/Verilog/VerilogWriter.cpp
  • create legup/examples/<FPGA_BOARD>.tcl

3) Test for optimal clock period constraint

4) Processor Directories

  • Create directories for processor and memory under legup/tiger/processor

5) Hybrid Flow

  • To-do
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