LLVM API Documentation

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Here is a list of all modules:
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oLLVM-C: C interface to LLVM
|oBit Reader
|oBit Writer
||oInterprocedural transformations
||oPass manager builder
||oScalar transformations
||\Vectorization transformations
||oTypes and Enumerations
|||oInteger Types
|||oFloating Point Types
|||oFunction Types
|||oStructure Types
|||oSequential Types
|||\Other Types
|||oGeneral APIs
|||oUser value
||| oScalar constants
||| oComposite Constants
||| oConstant Expressions
||| oGlobal Values
||| |\Values with alignment
||| oGlobal Variables
||| oGlobal Aliases
||| \Function values
|||  \Function Parameters
||oBasic Block
|| oCall Sites and Invocations
|| \PHI Nodes
|oInstruction Builders
|oModule Providers
|oMemory Buffers
|oPass Registry
|oPass Managers
|oExecution Engine
|oInitialization Routines
|oLink Time Optimization
|oObject file reading and writing
|\Target information
oTypes and Enumerations
oMiscellaneous utilities that are not ARC specific.
oUtility declarations/definitions specific to ARC.
\ARC Optimization.