migrate.pl - A script to migrate from other bug-trackers to Bugzilla.


 ./migrate.pl --from=<tracker> [--verbose] [--dry-run]

 Migrates from another bug-tracker to Bugzilla. If you want
 to upgrade Bugzilla, use checksetup.pl instead.

 Always test this on a backup copy of your database before
 running it on your live Bugzilla.



Specifies what bug-tracker you're migrating from. To see what values are valid, see the contents of the Bugzilla/Migrate/ directory.


Don't modify the Bugzilla database at all, just test the import. Note that this could cause significant slowdown and other strange effects on a live Bugzilla, so only use it on a test instance.


If specified, this script will output extra debugging information to STDERR. Specify multiple times (up to three) for more information.


This script copies data from another bug-tracker into Bugzilla. It migrates users, products, and bugs from the other bug-tracker into this Bugzilla, without removing any of the data currently in this Bugzilla.

Note that you will need enough space in your temporary directory to hold the size of all attachments in your current bug-tracker.

You may also need to increase the number of file handles a process is allowed to hold open (as the migrator will create a file handle for each attachment in your database). On Linux and simliar systems, you can do this as root by typing ulimit -n 65535 before running your script.