LegUp is an open source high-level synthesis tool being developed at the University of Toronto. The LegUp framework allows researchers to improve C to Verilog synthesis without building an infrastructure from scratch. Our long-term vision is to make FPGA programming easier for software developers.

News: We were surprised and delighted to receive the Community Award at FPL 2014 for contributions to open-source high-level synthesis.

This award is for authors who have made a significant contribution to the community by providing some material or knowledge in an open format that benefits the rest of the community. We sincerely thank the FPL community for the recognition.

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LegUp 3.0 (Jan 21, 2013)

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The video below presents an overview of the LegUp project.

Below is a video demonstrating how to use LegUp for our Hong Kong tutorial. See all of our video presentations here.